Quintin Head Race Preview 2016

Quintin Head Race preview 2017

Saturday 28th January at 12:15pm will mark the start of the Quintin Head Race; a 4.8km course from Hammersmith Bridge to just past Chiswick Bridge. The club will put out 4 senior VIII’s and 4 Novice VIII’s from the ‘Learn to row’ program, which began in December at the club. Quintin is a classic head race for UBBC with the course providing good experience for racing on the tideway as well as some sought after pennants.

The Senior Men’s first VIII shows a change from the UBBC Head line up. In the middle of the boat now sit the boys from the 4+ at UBBC Head slotting in after a strong performance coming 2nd in the category, although Jack Squizzoni now takes the role of stroke. After seat racing a couple of lightweights have been put at the bow in order to help the bigger boys get the bow out of the water and some of that extra free speed. The senior Men’s 2nd VIII consists of a mix of current members, novices from last year and some impressive ‘freniors’ who have shown their dedication from the beginning. After close seat racing between both boats expect some fast times and close margins.

Both Senior Women’s VIII’s are still in the making with seat racing commencing after Quintin. Excitingly both VIII’s have novices from this year stepping up into the boat. This adds to the success of the already successful ‘learn to row’ program at Bristol and it will be interesting to see their progression throughout the season.


Full Crews and Start positions can be found below:


Men’s 1st VIII, IM3.8+ [68]:


Cox: Jennifer Cocke

Stroke: Jack Squizzoni

7: Callum Gathercole

6: Joseph Harper

5: Harry Stroud

4: Alex Heslop

3: Elias Kassell Raymond

2: Benjamin Slingsby

Bow: Harry Rosen


Men’s 2nd VIII, IM3.8+ [75]:

Cox: Johanna Dodgson

Stroke: Carl Cox

7: Arthur Smith

6: Will Tufnell

5: Tommy Nicholson

4: Tom Watkinson

3: John Allden

2: Marcus Smith

Bow: Collin Allen


Women’s VIII, IM3.W8+ [174]:

 Cox: Sophia Margetts

7: Phoebe Beer

6: Jessica Pope

5: Nathalie Rappaport

4: Alice Lovett

3: Antonina Dembinska-kenner

2: Rosie Watkins

Bow: Cecilia Assmundson


Women’s VIII, IM3.W8+ [178]:

Cox: Caroline Welsh

7: Frances Kelly

6: Charlie Rogers

5: Sophie Angel

4: Sally Ingram

3: Charlotte Greenwood

2: Lottie Marshall

Bow: Rosie Lewes


Novice Men’s VIII, N [159]:

 Cox: Leanne Brookman

Stroke: Charlie Baker

7: Harry Wilkinson

6: Will Scott

5: Alex Holmes

4: Hugo Richardson

3: Alasdair Knight

2: Mario Groves-Raines

Bow: William Feakes


Novice Men’s VIII, N [163]:

 Cox: Shona Wilcox

Stroke: Dima Fircks

7: Harry Baker

6: Angus Firth

5: George Kilgour

4: James Hogben

3: Andy Southwell

2: John Wiggins

Bow: Louis Heath


Novice Women’s A VIII, WN [228]

 Cox: Rosie Hudson

Stroke: Madeleine Jannoe

7: Grace Ward-Allen

6: Maddie Sanders

5: Kate Schroeder

4: Lily Donovan

3: Sophie Meyers

2: Grace Haselden

Bow: Lydia Davies


Novice Women’s B VIII, WN [233]

 Cox: Alicia Hardy

Stroke: Amy Merriman

7: Claudia Williams

6: Laure

5: Lucinda Cross

4: Jess Charlwood

3: Rebecca Carmichael

2: Ellie Taylor

Bow: Emily