UBBC is one of the largest and most decorated clubs within the university, with over 150 members and a rich history of success in both domestic and international competitions. We are one of the top ten rowing clubs in the country and we have ambitions to break into the top 5 universities for rowing within the next few years. Regardless of whether you are an experienced rower with international ambitions, or you have never set foot in a boat before, we are the club for you.  


Our Sport

Rowing is one of few sports to use almost every muscle group. This means that you get fitter and see results faster than almost any other sport. The boat bears your weight, so it is also low impact with relatively little risk of injury. The sport has also been described as “the ultimate team sport” and many of our athletes have made friends for life in the club. 


The club has two major balls during the year, at Christmas and in the Spring/Summer, and we also host weekly socials throughout the term. Our social secretaries make sure everybody, from new novices to experienced seniors, is included. There are a mix of sober and drinking socials to make sure everyone can get involved.  


At Bristol, we compete in at least twenty events per year, including the British Universities Championships, Henley Royal and Henley Women’s Regattas. In recent years we have had some of our best ever results at the Head of the River and BUCS Regatta. We also compete internationally, having recently become European University Champions in Portugal.  We also host our own race at the beginning of December each year, UBBC Head Race. This event has become hugely popular with universities in this part of the country, and we have taken the wins for men’s and women’s eights for the last three consecutive years. 


We run 4 squads, Seniors and Novices for Men and Women, that train together throughout the year. Whether you are coming from a high performance club/school program, or starting the sport for the first time, UBBC has training and racing available to everyone.

Senior Squad

If you have experience of rowing before coming to Bristol you will be able to further your ability by joining the senior squad. Our men’s and women’s squads are a tightly knit group and we pride ourselves on having a strong sense of unity within the club. We have had an impressive history of wins, BUCS medals and GB representation, and we aim to build on in these the coming years. 

Novice Squad

If you have never been in a boat before, then the highly successful novice squads are where to start. Our ‘Learn To Row’ program, one of the best in the country, runs in the first term and has a history of coaching complete beginners through to international level in their time at Bristol. The training is intense, but the results are easy to see, and many novices will be training with the senior squad by the summer. Alongside coaching rowers, we also coach coxes from beginners up to working with some of our top crews in the senior squads. Our novices have a strong competitive record and regularly win medals at the national BUCS events as well as the Varsity Boat Race, and many of our former novices have since gone on to international success after graduating from Bristol. 


We also have an amazing alumni group with over 350 members, Nonesuch BC. All members of UBBC can join Nonesuch, and it is a great way of staying in contact with friends. Nonesuch supports current UBBC members through fundraising as well as providing a network for future careers. They also function as a rowing club, providing access to training and racing after you have left Bristol.  


Our club is run by our students, for our students. An elected committee of 19 senior members of the club are responsible for the day to day running of the club, reflecting the needs and aspirations of individuals pursing elite-level sport and world-class education alongside one another.


The club has 2 key members of coaching staff, as well as support from the University of Bristol with S&C training, physiotherapy and sports massage facilities, a nutritionist and a sport psychologist.

Edward Bloomfield

Head Coach

Ed joined UBBC in 2015 as our Development Coach. Having rowed at St Edwards School Oxford, and swiftly took up a project with the women’s squad. His work has brought the standard of Bristol Women’s Rowing up to a new high, culminating in a record 4th place in the Championship 8+ at BUCS Regatta 2018. He took on the role of Head Coach in September 2019.

Holly Stead

Development Coach

Holly joined the club in late 2019 as the new Development Rowing Coach. During her BSc, Holly rowed and studied at Oxford Brookes University. In 2019, she completed a coaching internship with Hartpury University alongside graduating with a MSc in Strength and Conditioning. She is excited to continue her coaching career as part of UBBC and hopes to aid in its successful future!

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