Equipment and Facilities

The John Rutley Boathouse

Opened in September 2014, the John Rutley Boathouse is part of the £1.2 million Saltford Rowing Centre, and the facility used by UBBC for on-water training and equipment storage. In the boathouse we currently have 7 racks of boats, with available space for further expansion as our fleet continues to grow. The clubhouse has changing rooms with hot showers and a large communal room with a kitchen and wood burning stove. The balcony looks over the final stretch of the water coming into the pontoons, a scenic and comfortable location to get some study in, or relaxation between outings in both the winter and the summer! 

Boats & Blades

As part of the club’s renewed push to expand resources, investment continues toward new and high quality used shells and blades. The club appreciates the continuing support of the Rutley family, supporting the club with it’s boat house and fleet expansion. In 2015 alone, the club purchased a brand new Empacher 8+, two new Filippi 4+’s for the senior men’s and women’s squads, a brand new Wintech International 1x and an 8+ set of Concept 2 Skinny Blades. This year we have added to our women’s shells with a new flagship Hudson 8+ and 3 sets of new RDS Wintech sweep oars for our 8’s. We will be targeting the purchase of more small boats immediately including a W4- and 2-‘s for the club.

Land Training

Land training is a key part of our program, it takes place at both the Tyndall Avenue Sports Centre in the City and the Olympic Weights Room at the Coombe Dingle Sports Facility. At present there are 10 ergs, around 15 spin bikes (including 5 watt bikes), treadmills, X-trainers and more, as well as a full Olympic lifting setup available. We have also just purchased another 12 Concept 2 Model D PM5 ergs, we currently enjoy the use of a studio for squad-based erg sessions, with an upcoming Erg Room to be completed at Coombe Dingle in April 2018! The University of Bristol will be undertaking significant updating of it’s Indoor Sports Centre in 2018 to significantly expand club training space and free-weights areas, the rowing club will benefit from this expansion.