Nonesuch Boat Club

Graduation from Bristol does not mean leaving the UBBC family. Our alumni club, Nonesuch, are a very successful group of graduates of all ages, with both racers and spectators alike. Every year they can be found progressing through the rounds at Henley Royal, and last year the club fielded it’s first Women’s squad. Their record at the Varsity Boat Race is unparalleled by any other squad, and they’re great to have around for some post race entertainment¬†at the Head Race and Varsity balls.

Outside of the racing, they have been vital in previous years for helping UBBC progress with funding, connections and support. Last year for example, 8 alumni grouped together and purchased a set of new Concept 2 Skinny Blades for the Senior Men’s squad.

To get in touch with them, please see their website,