BUCS Head 2016 Preview

This weekend the University Of Bristol Boat Club will be racing at the 2016 BUCS 4s and 8s Head Race, this year sees a relocation of the event from sunny Boston to even sunnier Newcastle upon Tyne. UBBC will be fielding a record 19 crews, 4 VIII’s and 9 IV’s from the senior squads, while the novice squads will field 3 VIII’s and 4 IV’s. The race provides an excellent opportunity to test Bristol crews against universities from the rest of the UK. This year’s BUCS Head course stretches 5km for Championship and Intermediate divisions from just before the Scotswood Bridge to just after Newburn Bridge; while the Beginner divisions follow a shorter 3km course. Division 1 racing on both days will see all rowers racing with the tide, while Division 2 racing sees crews pitted against the tide which could provide tough racing conditions in addition to the moderate winds forecasted for the coming weekend.

The Senior Women’s 1st VIII racing this weekend remains largely unchanged from the crew that raced Quintin Head a few weeks ago, they will be looking to build on their previous success at the local UBBC Head and see where they place among other well-established rowing programmes. The women’s squad will also be looking to compete in the small boats category of each division, with the VIIIs splitting up into various combinations including a Lightweight 4, Lightweight Quad, Championship Quad and 3 coxed 4s.

The Senior Men’s 1st VIII sees only one change to the crew that won the IM3 pennant at Quintin Head with Keir Salter returning from injury to fill the bow seat. The Senior Men will also see the entry of a Lightweight 4, a Championship coxless 4 and a Championship coxed 4, which will provide a different experience of rowing on the Tyne. We continue to wish Jack Squizzoni a speedy recovery from his shoulder injury and hope he will be back with us by Easter.

The UBBC Novice Squads will be looking to test themselves for the first time against their counterparts from other universities nationally. All novice crews will be looking to gain more racing experience and stamp a mark of authority in the run up to HORR and WEHORR. The Novice Men will field 1 VIII and 3 VI+’s (one IV in the Beginner category on Saturday with the same combination racing again in the Intermediate category on the Sunday) while the Novice Women field 2 VIII’s.

Full crew lists and start positions can be found below:

Senior Women’s 1st VIII, W.Ch8+ [42]:

Cox: Sophia Margetts (1st year, prev Tideway Scullers School)

S: Phoebe Beer (2nd year)

7: Annie Rogers (3rd year, prev Runcorn RC, Warrington RC, GB Juniors)

6: Kate Tomes (3rd year, Women’s Captain)

5: Jess Pope (2nd year)

4: Fenella Boulter (3rd year)

3: Sophie Angel (4th year)

2: Maisie Hockin-Boyers (2nd year)

B: Shannon Halliwell (2nd year, prev Headington School BC, Avon County RC)


Senior Men’s 1st VIII, M.Ch8+ [206]:

Cox: Emily Almond (3rd year)

S: Tom Clark (3rd year, Club Captain)

7: Benjamin Slingsby (1st year, prev Emmanuel School BC)

6: Harry Stroud (2nd year)

5: Alex Heslop (3rd year)

4: Harry Rosen (2nd year, prev Eton College BC)

3: Adam Stapleton (2nd year, prev Latymer Upper School BC)

2: Gareth Davies (2nd year, prev London Oratory School BC)

B: Keir Salter (3rd year)


Senior Women’s 2nd VIII, W.Int.8+ [65]:

Cox: Maddie Bewlay (2nd year)

S: Robyn Davies (1st year, prev AB Severn RC)

7: Steph Harris (SU Sabbatical Student)

6: Cecilia Assmundson (2nd year, prev Kings College School Wimbledon BC)

5: Nicola Haynes (2nd year)

4: Katherine Field (4th year)

3: Izzy Jarrold (2nd year, prev Dart Totnes ARC)

2: Antonina Dembinska-Kenner (2nd year)

B: Emma Perkins (2nd year, prev Trafford RC)


Senior Men’s 2nd VIII, Int.8+ [237]:

Cox: Johanna Dodgson (1st year, prev Nottingham RC)

S: Alex Lamb (1st year MSc, prev Durham University BC)

7: George Barnaby (2nd year)

6: Jonathan Gorner (3rd year)

5: Miki Uryszek (2nd year)

4: Tom Sykes (2nd year)

3: Joseph Harper (1st year [Novice])

2: Jamie Lester (2nd year)

B: John Allden (1st year, prev Hampton School BC)


Senior Men M.Ch4- [13]:

S: Alex Heslop

3: Harry Stroud

2: Tom Clark

B: Adam Stapleton


Senior Men M.Ch4+ [25]:

Cox: Emily Almond

S: Harry Rosen

3: George Barnaby

2: Alex Lamb

B: Keir Salter


Senior Men M.Lwt4- [35]:

S: Gareth Davies

3: Ben Slingsby

2: Tom Sykes

B: John Allden


Senior Women’s W.Ch4+ [300]:

Cox: Sophia Margetts

S: Maisie Hockin-Boyers

3: Jess Pope

2: Fenella Boulter

B: Sophie Angel


Senior Women’s W.Int4+ (A) [330]:

Cox: Maddie Bewlay

S: Robyn Davies

3: Steph Harris

2: Kate Tomes

B: Izzy Jarrold


Senior Women W.Int4+ (B) [338]:

Cox: Jen Cocke

S: Antonina Dembinska-Kenner

3: Emma Perkins

2: Katherine Field

B: Cecilia Assmundson

Senior Women W.Lwt4x [131]:

S: Teuntje Tjissen

3: Charlie Rogers

2: Josie Bradford

B: Isabella Burdess


Senior Women W.Lwt4- [308]:

S: Phoebe Beer

3: Nicola Haynes

2: Josie Bradford

B: Charlie Rogers

Senior Women W.Ch4x [276]:

S: Teuntje Tijssen

3: Annie Rogers

2: Shannon Halliwell

B: Isabella Burdess


Novice Women’s 1st VIII, W.Beg8+ [219]:

Cox: Camilla Roy

S: Veerle Verhey

7: Charlotte Jones

6: Sally Elphick

5: Alice Davies

4: Ellie Pryde

3: Megan Loach

2: Maddie Donald

B: Charlotte Greenwood


Novice Men’s 1st VIII, M.Beg.8+ [21]:

Cox – Adeline Nicholas

S: James Foster

7: Collin Allen

6: Josh Morris

5: Joseph Harper

4: Tom Watkinson

3: René Zamudio

2: Albie Baker Smith

B: Paul Preston


Novice Women’s 2nd VIII, W.Beg.8+ [230]:

Cox: Sam Walker

S: Natalie Bird

7: Morane Tanguy

6: Katie Macdonald

5: Sally Ingram

4: Holly George-Samuels

3: Rhianna Roberts

2: Hannah Bloxsome

B: Sally Emerson


Novice Men M.Beg.4+ (A) / M.Int.4+ [254/116]:

Cox – Adeline Nicholas

S: James Foster

3: Joseph Harper

2: Josh Morris

B: René Zamudio


Novice Men M.Beg.4+ (B) [270]:

Cox – Phoebe Hirst

S: Albie Baker Smith

3: Collin Allen

2: Tom Watkinson

B: Paul Preston