BUCS Regatta 2016

The weekend of 30th April – 2nd May saw the return of the reliably thrilling and busy BUCS regatta weekend up at Nottingham Holme Pierrepont.


BUCS regatta was blessed with the presence of 37 Bristol crews over the course of the weekend. Highlights of the weekend included:

  • A bronze medal from Sally Elphick in the women’s beginner 1x after only 6 months rowing and 2 months sculling
  • Some incredible racing from the Women’s inter 2x winning a silver medal having stolen the last place in the final
  • The Senior men’s ‘heavyweight’ 8 coming 6th in the Inter 8s time trial behind numerous Ox Brookes 8s and strong Newcastle and UL crews, 4 secs ahead of UWE and well ahead of Bath; following this they experienced an eventful gate popping semi, and then a win in the B final.
  • Some Very strong performances from our Novice Men’s 4+s getting 2 crews into the AB semis and one 4 coming 5th in the A final
  • Our lightweight men getting a 4- and two pairs into Champ A finals
  • A heroic performance from the Lightweight Women’s 8 against a very experienced Exeter crew and the Oxford lighties; this 8 being the first of its kind in UBBC history and also the first to witness its stroke-woman wrench the whole rigger off the boat
  • Our women’s Novice 8 coming 3rd in the time trial and making it into the A final, a testament to the strength of their squad as a whole
  • The one foot height difference between the champ quad 3 man and stroke (6”8 and 5”8)

In the words of Coach Kennedy: This weekend was a “coming of age” for UBBC.  Watching our Women’s inter 2x come into the final with the 6th fastest time in the semi and then powering to the silver medal spot was a prime example of the “F*** you” racing attitude of UBBC boats. Watching Harry Stroud – the burliest member of the senior men’s squad, sprinting from the 750m to the finish supporting our women’s beginner sculls, was an example of the admirable togetherness displayed by Bristol rowers. Watching Miki Uryszek (stroke man of our inexperienced Lwt 2-) pump the air as they earn the last spot in the A final, was an illustration of the wealth of experience that every single member of the club picked up from the long weekend of racing.

This year’s BUCS regatta instalment was not only a brilliant showcase of UBBC as role models to other rowing Universities but also one of our most successful spread of results in many years despite the lack of silverware. More crews than ever before were progressing to AB finals and beating crews that have been competitive with us all year long.

Members of UBBC walked tall along the banks of the National Water Sports Centre this year with a unique sense of camaraderie that the club has never seen before. UBBC’s #oneclub 2015-16 mantra was put on display to all other universities as we showed our unyielding support for every last novice sculler and proved our strength as a club and a family. No UBBC competitor will forget the Bristol roar at the 1750m. Hopefully this will be a feature at all regattas from now on.

Our outstanding progress across all 4 squads and our overall success at this year’s BUCS regatta leaves us in prime position to combine novice and Senior squads in preparation for the biggest event of the year. We will be fielding 2 VIIIs in both HWR and HRR, and are currently mixing up crews before what is looking to be a massively competitive and exciting selection process. #HRRWeCome