Fours Head review 2016

Fours Head 2016

Fours Head 2016 Report

A bleak outlook was forecast for the day of the Fours Head with rain predicted throughout the day. This was to be the setting the Bristol crews would face on the 6.8km course. First off were the elite LM4x-; (from stroke) Arthur ‘ladies man’ Smith, Callum ‘GB’ Gathercole, Harry ‘I don’t scull’ Rosen and Ben ‘the steering has gone’ Slingsby. With the Leander lightweights to contend with in their category it would be a big task to pull off an upset. Even so a decent time of 19:32.7 was posted, although not quite near the 18:15.0 needed to win the category.

Next from the Men were the heavyweight IM2 4+; (Cox) Johanna ‘we can go t’pub after’ Dodgson (from stroke) Harry ‘I shouldn’t have eaten that before’ Stroud, Joe ‘hello’ Harper, Alex ‘I am the captain now’ Heslop and Jack ‘rigatoni, cannelloni, tortellini, fusilli, bucatini, squazzonni’ Squizzonni. The Four put in a decent time with 20:23.6 finishing 9th out of 48 crews in their category, not bad for a boat which hadn’t been together that long.

Following on from the men were the women’s boats with the W IM2 4+; (Cox) Jen ‘it’s pronounced coke’ Cocke (from stroke) Jess ‘vegan power’ Pope, Natalie ‘Merp Rappaport, Alice ‘better splits than Gareth’ Davies, Alice ‘loving life’ Lovett. The women had a good race, beating some impressive crews to come 6th out of 48 with a time of 21:47.4, 30 seconds behind the winners of the group.

Next were the elite LW4x-; (from stroke) Phoebe ‘freebie’ Beer, Teuntje ‘Teunchy Stryder’ Tijssen, Frances ‘rowed at school’ Kelly and Charlie ‘roll on the good times’ Rogers. In a tough category the women finished with a respectable time of 21:58.3. This was despite the crew suffering injuries towards the end of the race. All crews at the Fours Head learned valuable lessons of racing on the tideway and got a taste of what racing will be like at the Eights Head later in the year. With the focus now on building serious miles on and off the water, the head season is well and truly underway at Bristol.