Quintin Head 2016 Preview

This Saturday the University Of Bristol Boat Club will race ‘Quintin Head’ in West London. UBBC will field 8 crews, 4 VIII’s from the senior squads and 4 from the novice program. Quintin is a permanent fixture in the UBBC racing calendar from which we’ve collected many pennants, not to mention still holding the course record (2008).
Quintin’s 4.6km course from Hammersmith to Chiswick will provide useful Race experience in the run up to BUCS Head and the respective Head of the River Races; and an indication as to where UBBC’s rowers are following the vacation training camp.

The senior women’s 1st VIII racing this weekend is based largely on the UBBC Head line up, a crew that showed early promise with a comfortable win there. The few new faces among them arrived after a competitive round of seat racing earlier this month. The senior men’s 1st VIII sees more major changes to the December line up. Over the new year a number of the lightweights racing as a 4- at UBBC Head seat raced their way into the top crew, Jack Squizzoni, a familiar face from last year’s VIII, will be sitting this one out due to a shoulder injury sustained whilst cycling and Matt Jenner has returned to his GB Start commitments. We wish Jack a speedy recovery and Matt a smooth and controlled one.

The senior women’s 2nd VIII features a new, untested line-up who will be looking to be competitive within their division. While in the senior men’s 2nd VIII special mention must go to bowman Joe Harper who is competing in his first senior race after being selected from the novice squad. Following lasts years wins at this event UBBC’s top novice crews are leading both divisions. All four novice boats are striving to replicate this and look forward to gaining valuable racing experience on the Tideway.

Full crew lists and start positions can be found below:

Women’s 1st VIII, W.IM3.8+ [171]:

Cox: Sophia Margetts (1st year, prev Tideway Scullers School)
S: Phoebe Beer (2nd year)
7: Annie Rogers (3rd year, prev Runcorn RC, Warrington RC, GB Juniors)
6: Kate Tomes (3rd year, Women’s Captain)
5: Jess Pope (2nd year)
4: Fenella Boulter (3rd year)
3: Sophie Angel (4th year)
2: Maisie Hockin-Boyers (2nd year)
B: Charlie Rogers (1st year, prev City of Oxford RC)

Men’s 1st VIII, IM3.8+ [53]:

Cox: Emily Almond (3rd year)
S: Tom Clark (3rd year, Club Captain)
7: Benjamin Slingsby (1st year, prev Emmanuel School BC)
6: Harry Stroud (2nd year)
5: Alex Heslop (3rd year)
4: Harry Rosen (2nd year, prev Eton College BC)
3: Adam Stapleton (2nd year, prev Latymer Upper School BC)
2: Gareth Davies (2nd year, prev London Oratory School BC)
B: Keir Salter (3rd year)

Women’s 2nd VIII, W.IM3.8+ [179]:

Cox: Maddie Bewlay (2nd year)
S: Teuntje Tijssen (2nd year PhD, K.A.R. & Z.V. “De Hoop” – Royal Amsterdam BC, Lea RC)
7: Shannon Halliwell (2nd year, prev Headington School, Avon County RC)
6: Robyn Davies (1st year, prev AB Severn RC)
5: Steph Harris (SU Sabbatical Student)
4: Josie Bradford (2nd year, prev Lymington Amateur RC)
3: Cecilia Assmundson (2nd year, prev Kings College School Wimbledon BC)
2: Antonina Dembinska-Kenner (2nd year)
B: Nicola Haynes (2nd year)

Men’s 2nd VIII, IM3.8+ [72]:

Cox: Johanna Dodgson (1st year, prev Nottingham RC)
S: Jonathan Gorner (3rd year)
7: George Barnaby (2nd year)
6: Jay J Olenicz (3rd year, prev Canford School BC)
5: Miki Uryszek (2nd year)
4: Jake Golland (1st year MSc, prev University of Plymouth RC)
3: Fergus Lupton (2nd year)
2: Jamie Lester (2nd year)
B: Joseph Harper (1st year, Novice)

Novice Women’s 1st VIII, W.NOV.8+ [199]:

Cox: Camilla Roy
S: Veerle Verhey
7: Charlotte Jones
6: Megan Loach
5: Sally Ingram
4: Sally Elphick
3: Katie Macdonald
2: Morane Tanguy
B: Charlotte Greenwood

Novice Men’s 1st VIII, NOV.8+ [145]:

Cox – Phoebe Hirst
S: Amreet Tripathy
7: Marcus Matthews
6: James Foster
5: Florian Wenz
4: Josh Morris
3: René Zamudio
2: Albie Baker Smith
B: Leif Tomasson

Novice Women’s 2nd VIII, W.NOV.8+ [207]:

Cox: Sam Walker
S: Maddie Donald
7: Sally Emerson
6: Trinni Handley
5: Rhianna Roberts
4: Natalie Bird
3: Alice Davies
2: Ellie Pryde
B: Hannah Bloxsome

Novice Men’s 2nd VIII, NOV.8+ [132]:

Cox – Adeline Nicholas
S: Collin Allen
7: Paul Preston
6: Angus Collie
5: Li Dong
4: Tom Watkinson
3: Volkan Nurdal
2: Jack Fradd
B: Thomas Rimmer

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