University of Bristol Boat Club Head Race 2016

University of Bristol Boat Club Head Race 2016

The 5th of December 2016 marked the annual University of Bristol Boat Club Head Race. A sprightly looking UBBC headed down to Saltford at 7am to prepare the course and complete the set-up for the day. The first crew down the 3.2km course was the Men’s 1st 8+ and with not much time as a crew, a decent performance was put in achieving 2nd place ahead of UWE by 1 second. Though behind ‘The true Kings of the Avon‘ Bath by 20 seconds. The Intermediate Men’s 8+ also did well with a top 10 finish overall behind Southampton who took the category.

The Women’s 1st 8+ of Alice ‘putting down the power’ Davies, Alice ‘dab queen’ lovett, Nathalie ‘I went to Exeter, didn’t you know?‘ Rappaport, Phoebe ‘Novice Overlord’ Beer, Nicola ‘I do Golf as well’ Haynes, Essy ‘always going the extra mile’ Margets, Teunjte ‘the artist formerly known as tinchy stryder’ Tjissen , Jess ‘I like animals and Kale probably’ Pope and Sally ‘Queen Sally’ Elphick, put in a stunning performance coming 1st in their category by over 30 seconds. The Intermediate Women’s 8+ put in a solid result as well with a 2nd place finish behind Birmingham. The Men’s Championship 4+ also produced a 2nd place finish behind Southampton by 3 seconds. This is despite being hindered by some rogue otters on the course.

Up next was the much awaited short course, with a record number of novice entries and UniRowing waiting eagerly on the banks to capture any spectacular crabs the stage was set. Some special crabs were seen from Leicester as well as a very near miss from Northampton, however these were the only major incidents with all the novices displaying a high level of rowing for only a couple of months of training. The Bristol Novices were no exception of this and the future looks bright for the novice program. Moreover with Quintin around the corner, eyes are now focused on the novice squad for their first Head race on the tideway.

It was then the turn of the seniors to race down the short course; Callum ‘I’ll give it a go’ Gathercole ended up winning the M1x short course, despite arriving to the start a bit later than expected. Teuntje ‘prestige worldwide’ Tjissen also showed that this ‘this girl can‘ matching Callum’s achievement by winning the W1x short course as well. Two of our freniors; Lottie ‘a lot of watts‘ Marshall and Frances ‘clean at the catch‘ Kelly won the W2x short course in impressive style. The M2x of Harry ‘Rosen Mcrosen‘ Rosen and Ben ‘all the gear and still can’t steer‘ Slingsby were close with UWE pipping the Bristol boys to the line by 2 seconds. The M2- also managed to pick up a medal with Elias ‘coding for dayz ‘ Kassell Raymond and Joe ‘what is going on here?‘ Harper taking the win by 6 seconds.

A special thanks must go to Tommy ‘nommy ticholson‘ Nicholson who not only organised the entire Head Race but put together a faultless program for the entire squad ensuring that the day ran smoothly and without drama.


Leicester’s Crab: