This is our squad for non-Bristol students, which runs alongside our performance programme and competes under our alumni club.

UBBC Open Club's main aim is to support UBBC’s goal of being recognised as a top UK Rowing Program. The greater breadth and depth of a combined pool of Student and Open Club athletes will allow UBBC to bring performance athletes together to field increasingly high performing crews; thereby enhancing the club’s reputation as a Performance Centre.  In return, those athletes who choose to join, or continue their involvement with, UBBC via the Open Club will benefit from rowing with one of the best resourced programs in the South West.  


The benefits offered include, but are not limited to: 

  • An experienced Coaching Team, including three professional rowing coaches
  • A dedicated Indoor Training facility including eight RP3 and 32 Concept 2 rowing machines 
  • Coached Strength & Conditioning sessions 3x weekly 
  • A modern boathouse inc, changing/shower facilities, gym and club room 
  • An ever expanding fleet of Hudson boats 


UBBC is united by the single focus of achieving recognition as the High Performance Centre of the South West. Performance goals flow from this overriding strategic goal, and squads are arranged and structured to best achieve these goals. While it is usual for the Coaching Team to individualise elements of the training program (due to working hours, academic timetabling or other commitments), or for land training to be completed somewhere other than the University facility, it is the expectation that all club members commit to the squad based program in line with our ‘One Club’ culture. 


UBBC is bound by a constitution that caps Non-Student membership at a certain percentage of the total membership. This constraint makes it essential that all Open Club members admitted are firmly committed to UBBC’s culture, values and performance goals. As such, applications for membership are reviewed and approved on a case by case basis by the UBBC Club Captain and Head Coach. 


Membership fees are charged termly and are exclusive of projected race fees, trailering and other associated costs of membership. There is an additional monthly fee for those wishing to train at the University's land training facilities at Coombe Dingle Sports Complex. All UBBC Members will also need a valid British Rowing Racing Licence.  


A limited amount of racking is available for members to store private boats (1x, 2x/- etc). Permission to rack must be bought from the UBBC Head Coach and will incur a monthly racking fee. Permission to rack private boats will be granted when use will assist in an athletes completion of the agreed squad based training program. Those wishing to train in private boats in place of squad water sessions will find their needs better met at one of the many clubs in the region catering for this. 


Club equipment is not to be used by any club members outside of specified club training times, except where the Head Coach has given specific permission. Permission to do so must be sought prior to each separate visit.