UBBC Head Race

Saturday, 3rd December 2016



This year’s head race will take place on Saturday 3rd December. It will consist of a morning and an afternoon division. Division 1 will race at 10:30 over a course of 3000m and division 2 will race at 13:30 over 1300m. See below for event details.


Division 1 – 3000m downstream

£10 per seat, experienced coxes only

Men and Women:

Open 8+, 4+/-/x, 2-/x, 1x

Intermediate 8+, 4+


Division 2 – 1300m downstream

Men and Women:

Beginner 8+, 4+ (£9 per seat)

Open 2-/x, 1x (£8 per seat)




UBBC Head Race 2016 Entries NEW DIVISION 1